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Max Scar

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Date added: 08-01-2015 Rating: 95
Description : Stunning, curvaceous blonde T-girl Nicole Bahls shows off her big, round boobs, tight butthole and thick, tapered she-cock. Lucky boy-toy Max Scar can't resist kneeling and slurping on this TS beauty's throbbing boner; they trade blow job service until Max buries his massive pole inside Nicole's big ass. The sensuous she-male reciprocates by drilling Max's tight rectum, and the two kinky lovers share some mutual dick stroking. Finally they unleash gooey loads of cum.
Date added: 05-17-2015 Rating: 95
Description : Juliana Souza and Melainy Vilhena are glamorous, fabulously femme Latina she-males in sexy, one-piece nurse costumes and fishnets; tall Juliana is a tattooed, longhaired blonde, while Melainy is a round-assed brunette. Both girls have dramatic tan lines framing curvy figures. Juliana dons a rubber glove to probe Max Scar's asshole. She grips his head to fuck his face. The girls combine to blow Max's huge cock. He lines the curvy ladies up side-by-side and fucks Melainy as Juliana sits on his face. After he porks Juliana, the girls suck him ass-to-mouth. Juliana slam-fucks his ass and jacks off on his chest. Max creams Melainy's deep ass crack and she shoots a load of her own.
Date added: 03-30-2015 Rating: 100
Description : Longhaired TS Gabriela Ferrari is gorgeously femme in frilly lingerie and fishnets. She strips and spreads her hot ass for Max Scar, showing off little, tan-lined titties. Gabriela sucks his big, hard cock with her pierced tongue and Max reveals the dick hidden in her panties; she fucks his face and turns her ass for a rim job. After some tasty 69 she straddles him for a butt fuck that leaves her cute rear bouncing. Gabriela slam-fucks him to gaping, and he sucks her thick prick ass-to-mouth. As Max porks Gabriela up the ass, she jerks her meat. They rub their dicks together. Gabriela kneels for more cocksucking and he spunks her femme face.