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Date added: 03-19-2017 Length: 00:16:46 Rating: 70
Date added: 03-12-2016 Length: 00:13:19 Rating: 70
Date added: 12-23-2015 Length: 00:16:33 Rating: 100
Date added: 12-15-2015 Length: 00:28:17 Rating: 93
Date added: 06-02-2015 Length: 00:30:47 Rating: 60
Date added: 05-09-2015 Length: 00:25:01 Rating: 92
Description : Blonde, brown-eyed and femme, Gianna Rivera is a tasty TS in a blue bikini on a hot day. She steps into the pool and strips down to tan skin and a growing boner. Pool boy Spencer offers his big dick, which Gianna happily sucks. Spencer bends Gianna over and pounds her ass doggie-style as she spreads her cheeks. She sucks cock ass-to-mouth. Gianna straddles Spencer and slams her ass down on his dick as her own flops and flaps. With his big bone buried up her ass, she masturbates. Gianna jacks a creamy load all over her bejeweled tummy. Spencer splatters streams of spunk all over her ass. She cleans cock orally and they share a tasty mouth kiss.
Date added: 03-16-2013 Length: 00:25:53 Rating: 93
Date added: 02-04-2013 Length: 00:13:53 Rating: 86
Date added: 03-30-2012 Length: 00:19:05 Rating: 85