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Date added: 08-23-2016 Length: 00:11:56 Rating: 70
Date added: 08-19-2016 Length: 00:11:28 Rating: 70
Date added: 08-15-2016 Length: 00:13:41 Rating: 70
Date added: 08-11-2016 Length: 00:13:32 Rating: 70
Date added: 08-07-2016 Length: 00:10:25 Rating: 70
Date added: 08-01-2016 Length: 00:30:47 Rating: 70
Date added: 07-31-2016 Length: 00:33:36 Rating: 70
Description : Pale, sultry Brazilian trans girl Danny Bendochy has a hot date with visiting American muscle man Christian XXX. The shaved-bald stud strokes Danny's big dick and buries his tongue in her sweet asshole. Slender, cute Danny blows his big cock, and soon she's taking his shaft deeply up her tight, little butt. Well-hung Danny drills her boyfriend in a perverse anal reversal, making him cum onto his own belly! After sexy Danny jacks her she-meat, Christian laps up the last drops.
Date added: 07-30-2016 Length: 00:14:27 Rating: 70
Date added: 07-30-2016 Length: 00:31:04 Rating: 70
Description : On his first visit to Brazil, young American stud Spencer Fox receives a sweet welcome from tall, refined she-male seductress Kananda Hickman. The TS beauty wraps her luscious lips around Trent's hard dick. He rims Kananda's big butt and blows her fat lady-cock before sinking his boner deep into her tight rectum. Kananda reams her new guy's anus. The gender-bending lovers take turns sodomizing one another, until Kananda cums while riding dick ... and Spencer sprays hot cum onto his girlfriend's balls.
Date added: 07-29-2016 Length: 00:29:48 Rating: 70
Description : Gorgeous, naturally voluptuous French bombshell Eloa Lombard can't wait to get her hands on sexy Latina TS temptress Fernanda De Castro. The two kinky babes are dolled up in pink fishnets and bunny ears. Fernanda rims Eloa's plush, ample ass. Curvaceous Eloa sucks her new girlfriend's fat she-cock before climbing aboard for a cowgirl-style fucking. The bespectacled trans beauty drills Eloa's juicy pussy and tender asshole. Eloa sodomizes Fernanda using a strap-on dildo, until her luscious ladyboy spurts hot cum.
Date added: 07-28-2016 Length: 00:31:34 Rating: 70
Description : Wearing a skin-tight fishnet dress, stylish blonde TS seductress Bianca Hills strokes her stiff, uncut she-cock, anticipating her date with cute American Spencer Fox. Bianca strips, exposing her Brazilian tan lines, and lets Trent worship her swollen shaft with his mouth. The two lovers share an intimate, 69-style session of cocksucking. They take turns deep-fucking each other's tight assholes. While the sultry she-male sodomizes him, Spencer shoots his load. Bianca jacks off and teases us in the shower.
Date added: 07-27-2016 Length: 00:28:44 Rating: 70
Description : Slender, girlish Brazilian she-male Kalliny Nomura loves getting her body worshiped by Christian. The muscular American stud sucks Kalliny's firm, round titties, and the TS temptress jerks his greasy shaft and her fat, throbbing she-cock together, sucking Christian's big dick. These kinky lovers share a session of oral pleasure and mutual ass fucking. Christian's prick erupts as he's sodomized, and Kalliny slurps out the last drops of hot splooge before cumming in his open mouth.
Date added: 07-26-2016 Length: 00:32:16 Rating: 70
Description : Young American stud Trent Dy has an exciting date for his first night in Brazil: slender, sultry and statuesque she-male Deborah Mastronelly! Spencer eagerly sucks her firm titties; Deborah wraps her lips around his hard dick for a sensuous blow job as she strokes her bulging she-meat. The tattooed TS grinds her big butt in Trent's face, so the lucky guy worships her anus and cock. Finally, Deborah and her date fuck each other's ass, climaxing in messy explosions of hot cum.
Date added: 07-22-2016 Length: 00:13:09 Rating: 70
Date added: 07-18-2016 Length: 00:14:52 Rating: 70
Date added: 07-14-2016 Length: 00:12:27 Rating: 70
Date added: 07-10-2016 Length: 00:13:50 Rating: 70
Date added: 07-06-2016 Length: 00:20:19 Rating: 70
Date added: 07-02-2016 Length: 00:22:37 Rating: 70
Date added: 06-28-2016 Length: 00:12:52 Rating: 70
Date added: 06-20-2016 Length: 00:18:32 Rating: 70
Date added: 06-16-2016 Length: 00:18:12 Rating: 70
Date added: 06-12-2016 Length: 00:10:27 Rating: 70
Date added: 06-12-2016 Length: 00:20:18 Rating: 70
Date added: 06-08-2016 Length: 00:14:39 Rating: 70
Date added: 06-04-2016 Length: 00:15:17 Rating: 70
Date added: 05-31-2016 Length: 00:34:04 Rating: 70
Date added: 05-27-2016 Length: 00:15:07 Rating: 70
Date added: 05-23-2016 Length: 00:09:40 Rating: 70
Date added: 05-15-2016 Length: 00:14:42 Rating: 70
Date added: 05-11-2016 Length: 00:20:58 Rating: 70
Date added: 05-07-2016 Length: 00:13:11 Rating: 70
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